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Brian Sekula

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What we do

From one of our first coporate customers...

They have approximately 150 employees over half of them were taking a single cholesterol drug: Lipitor.

High cholesterol is one of the conditions we target. And Lipitor is one the medications we target.

After the first year of implementing our program, this compay saved $34,000.00 on Lipitor alone.


Our main service is The Academy and we have several options available, including monthly, quarterly, annually and custom.

We also offer consulting services to help you identify and implement strategies for reducing the impact of our targeted conditions and medications on your medical benefits plan.

Recent News

We recently completed our 2012 Executive Summary, which highlights key results from the companies we worked with in the previous year.

The results were consistent from prevous years: a 41% reduction in targeted medications and a 20% reduction (on average) in targeted conditions.

Outcomes lead to a savings of $1.92 million for those companies with some portion of their plan as employer-sponsored.